Next-gen Infrastructure for Asset Tokenization

Accelerate a New Future of Capital Market


With a suite of products that are compliant-focused, secured, and scalable, Oraichain Labs US aims to become the leading provider of tokenization solutions for all private assets.

Asset Tokenization

  • Diverse asset types
  • Focus on compliance
  • Built for security tokens

Data Management

  • On-chain: Immutability & Transparency
  • Off-chain: Secured & Well-organized
  • Data encryption & Transfer

Permissioned Network

  • Multi-sig governance
  • Trusted validators

Fractional ownership

  • Access to global liquidity
  • Safekeeping of tokenized assets

Secure Access Control

  • Confidentiality
  • Privacy
  • Security

Rich DeFi Tools

  • AMM
  • Orderbook


Various parties use our technology to seek "Trust, Identity, Privacy, and Decentralization" regarding their real-world assets.

Underwriters use our subnetwork and data explorer to perform due dilligence on deals


Our approach to technical tasks is always a combination of theoretical research and pragmatic considerations based on real-life examples

Data Management

  • Utilization of AI solutions to automatically extract information structure & analyze data
  • Data scanning capabilities
  • Data feeds for marketplaces

Wallet Technology

  • EVM & Cosmos compatible
  • Cross-chain
  • Intuitive UI/UX

Distributed Ledger Technology

  • Permissioned
  • Resistant to hard-fork
  • Trusted validators

Security Token Standard

  • New standard for tokenizing real-world assets that is adaptive to different compliance standards


We are a team of developers, researchers, and business professionals with a shared determination to use blockchain to transform financial markets
Tung DoCEOTung Do
Tyree RobinsonHead of Business DevelopmentTyree Robinson
Chung DaoChief AdvisorChung Dao
Diep NguyenStrategy AdvisorDiep Nguyen
Tu PhamTechnology AdvisorTu Pham
Lam DoTechnology AdvisorLam Do

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