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On-chain Proofs

Merging Collective Intelligence and objective verifications to generate

Trustworthy Proofs™

for AI and real world assets, delivering transparency across many industries.
Strengthen the trustworthiness of your AI technologies.

Transparency Generates Trust

There is an urgent demand for transparency with regards to AI technologies and real world asset tokenization.

Oraichain Labs US meets this challenge, creating a framework to provide Trustworthy Proofs™️, strengthening consumer confidence and promoting security for AI-integrated businesses.

System of Trustworthy Proofs™️ for AI

Layers of distributed verification and validation are synthesized to build immutable proofs for AI models, maximizing decentralization.

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What makes AI trustworthy?

Our Trustworthy Proofs™️ for AI rely on emerging international compliance standards to drive transparency for products that integrate AI. This framework is intended to drive confidence in trustworthy AI and protect consumers from harmful AI.



AI Audit with Trustworthy Proofs™. We've developed protocols and services that promote collective intelligence in auditing Black Box AI Models. This approach empowers trust by delivering unbiased reviews, analysis, and reporting.

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Auditability for AI

AI models are valuable intellectual property assets and, like any other tokenized real-world assets, deserve thorough on-chain record keeping. This set of protocols provides a crucial layer of trust, enabling auditability.

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Data Aggregation

Non-fungible standard built with AI and Big Data in mind, utilizing EUENO's decentralized file storage solution to aggregate all relevant information with on-chain proofs and version history.

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By consolidating ownership history and audit metrics into one place, we take observability for AI models to the next level, giving stakeholders all the information they need to build confidence.

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Our compliance-compatible tokenization engine enables fractionalized ownership for AI intellectual property, and real-world assets, laying the foundation for royalty sharing, governance, and ultimately democratized finance.

aiProof Audit Process

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  • audit iconMint On-chain IP Asset
  • audit iconCrowdsource Test Cases
  • audit iconConfigure Security Models
  • audit iconCustom Verification Script
  • audit iconRandomize Test Cases
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Analysis for:
  • audit iconSpeed
  • audit iconAccessibility
  • audit iconAccuracy
  • audit iconReliability
  • audit iconSafety
  • audit iconExplainability & Bias
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Visualization tools to track performance over time, enabling developers and clients to identity, recover and respond to potential vulnerabilities.

Why choose aiProof?

Risk Management

Consumer Confidence

Who needs aiProof?

Here are some real-world use cases that will greatly benefit by boosting transparency to ensure fairness and safety.


Reliability and transparency for credit scoring, fraud detection and chatbots.


Explainability for AI-based grading systems and personalized curriculums.


Ensure precision of fraud detection, claims processing and product recommendations.

Smart Health

Maintain stable health tracking models and improve patient experience via NLP.


Study targeting algorithms and reduce capital burn with better predictions.


Reduce risk of infringement and prevent potential misuse of generative AI models.

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Oraichain provides multidimensional Trustworthy Proofs of AI and enables secure integration with Web3.

Oraichain is the world’s first Layer 1 of AI oracle.

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